02 - Setting

Born on September 11, 2001, my parents named me Luna Solterra.

I think of myself as a walking contradiction.

I have never been to New York, but the city has been indelibly imprinted onto my identity.

The darkest day for the United States of America was a moment of brightness for a young couple in love, who had together transformed their lives that day by breathing new life into the world.

My father was a student at Trinity Western University, in Langley, British Columbia, who was studying communications and fine art while exploring the connections between the earth and the stars, thinking that there must be some connection between the language of human beings and the messages that we receive from the universe about what it means to be alive.

My mother was an artist who was teaching herself graphic design, picking up freelance work to supplement the couple’s income. She also had a fascination with the stars that came from her exploration of the connections between ancient cultures and our understanding of the effect of stars and planets on the lives of human beings.

They both lived in Aldergrove, a small town in the Fraser Valley, in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

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